Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 9

Sorry for the poor quality photos - I probably ought to think about a new camera. That, and I was rather hungry so I was somewhat rushing...

Second Delicious recipe here. Once again though, I ended up playing around with the recipe a little bit because I didn't quite pay thorough enough attention when translating the recipe into a shopping list. Consequently, I substituted a couple of ingredients, and skipped another entirely. No bother!

I substituted 'wholesome grains' for Merchant Gourmet mixed grains - not exactly a big substitution. I obviously don't know what the recipe would be like with the original ingredients but I can't imagine it would that be that much different/different really at all. The recipe also called for pre-roasted peppers. Having just bought ordinary peppers, with the intention of roasting them myself, I consequently completely forgot about them until it was far to late to add them to the recipe. Doh. The final substitution was a pre-mixed summer salad mix. I simply used the frozen chopped mint and coriander I had bought for the Thai rice along with some fresh chives.

No harm, no foul though. Dinner was delicious. Empty plates all round. The stew consisted of fried chorizo, chopped tomatoes with chilli, herbs, some chicken stock, red onion and the mixed grains {and technically, the peppers}. I'd post the recipe but I'm not sure if that's ok {am I worrying a smidge too much?}. Anyway, it was as simple as frying the chorizo and onions, adding everything else and letting the mix simmer for about 10 minutes. 

You could definitely taste the mint in this dish. I don't really think of mint when making most savoury dishes but it definitely gave the stew a 'summery' edge: it didn't feel overly heavy and was the perfect dinner for a gorgeous July evening.

I served it with 2 reduced fat garlic baguettes. A lot of food I know, but my boyfriend seems capable of eating a redunkulous amount of food in one sitting. I tried to hold back on eating too much garlic bread but even with it, the whole dinner is pretty healthy. Plus, there was enough left over for lunch - perfect!

Love B x

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