Friday, 8 July 2011

Sale shopping

As much as I love a bargain, I generally abhor sale shopping.  I don't really have the patience to deal with hoards of other shoppers or the clothes that seem to end up on every surface {I know this isn't true of all sales, but we're talking standard high street here}.  However, faced with a very quiet Thursday morning in town, shopping for a girlfriend's birthday, I nipped into a couple of shops en route. Now these purchases aren't exactly ground breaking {and actually, technically 50% weren't in the sale but were a bargain!}.

First up, a ring from the Orelia range in Topshop. I love this range - it does delicate jewellery {think pretty cocktail rings, long delicate chains and whisper thin bracelets} that I'd happily adorn myself in.  I try and restrain myself from going near it, knowing fine well that I could easily spend a fortune there {compared to Topshop's own line, it's a bit pricier}.  Anyway, they just happened to have some stock on mega sale, and after snooping around a bit I came across this beauty:

'scuse the Photobooth photo.  It looks more delicate than that in real life with a delicate, hammered gold effect and a lovely reflective gunmetal grey stone. She was marked down quite heavily too so I picked one up for me and my little sis {who is joining me for graduation on Monday, yay!}.

Next on my bargain hunt was these lovelies from New Look. I had seen them on one of the little ads alongside blogs and, having assumed they were leather, had planned on buying the tan pair and dying them black {so I would have a pair of wooden block heel black pumps, a la this post}.  I have to say, only seeing a tiny picture in an ad was probably a good thing - I'm not sure the images of them on the NewLook website do them justice. As it is, in real life, they're a kind of faux suede so my original dying idea was out of the question.  The tan had a matching tan heel, which I wasn't keen on and the black had a black wooden heel, which wasn't what I was after.  Then, like the Goldilocks of shoes, I came across these that were just right. The uppers are a deep rust/burnt red colour that contrasts perfectly with the tan heel and I think the particular colour makes them a little bit more interesting.  I can imagine wearing them with skinny jeans and a blouse for drinks and dinner.  Plus the heel height is 'right'.  I don't know if that makes sense to you, but I often find with cheaper shoes that the proportions of the heel to the shoe style don't seem quite right: a block heel will often not be high enough to lift it from clunky to stylish, if you see what I mean? Maybe I'm just too fussy...

Anyway, these were already under £20 but with my student discount they came to a fab £17-something so considering I think they're lovely, as so far they seem pretty comfortable, I can't really complain.

Like I said, not quite a sale bargain, but a bargain none the less. Guess the title of this post was perhaps a smidge misleading eh?

Love B x

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