Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blue Velvet

I am in love with this eclectic living room: it's interesting without verging on unnecessarily quirky {something I could not put up with!}.  I particularly love the big blue velvet sofa. I can just imagine curling up with a book, or with a glass of wine and a film. Our current {furnished} space has the teeniest sofa you can imagine, not good if you don't fancy cuddling up to the person sat next to you {not ideal if you do either, it's a bit cramped!} so I can't wait til we finally have a bit sofa to sprawl over! And this one just looks so inviting!  The woods really add warmth to the otherwise neutral backdrop too and I am mad over the print and pops of colour from the chaise longue. Personally, I'm mad keen on spaces that keep the base colour palette quite calm and bring all the noise with the furniture and little details.

It's definitely the velvet sofa in this picture that draws me in though. I love the texture, character and depth it brings to the room.  Just like these two examples:

{via Lonny}

Obviously, in all of the above, the velvet sofa is just one beautiful detail amongst many but I still can't help but be drawn to it.

Love B x

By the way, Fourteen Days of Food is going to take a brief hiatus until I return from London on Sunday.  All those good intentions to pre-emptively bake/cook? Yeah, they didn't happen. Sozzles!


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