Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 6

Bread. What can I say? We have a love-hate relationship: I love it in all it's various shapes and sizes, it hates my waistline.  Moving past that I decided that I still had to attempt to make bread this fortnight.  As one of my favourite food stuffs {so yummy and versatile!} it would've been plain rude to leave it out.  Again though, I do try and mitigate what makes its way into my diet so I opted for granary bread {although toasted white bread with lashings of salted lurpak and raspberry jam is my idea of heaven. Spec if I have a smidge of a hangover...}.

I have to admit, I cheated on this one and used Hovis granary bread mix.  I do normally like doing things all myself but today was a pretty heavily scheduled day {and yet I chose to make bread?!} soo mix it was! Plus it was uber cheap - £1 for a fresh from the oven batch of bread, yes thank you, don't mind if I do.  Anyhoo, it means there ain't much of a recipe.  I've tried to make up for it with lots of gratuitous bread photos though! No?

Waiting 2hours for it to rise and the 30mins is totally worth the effort {which was minimal because I didn't even hand knead this sucker, I used the dough hook on my mixer.  Rubbish food blog post I knoooooow}.  I had planned on just having one slice, that hasn't happened at all.  So I can confirm for you that it is TOTALLY delicious.  Hands down tastes better than buying a loaf from a shop. Which is odd cause surely the Hovis mix and the Hovis loaf are the same dealio?! Something to ponder on...

I reckon having taken serious baby steps this time, next time I'll have a full on go at making the dough myself.  I'm sure I must've done it in home ec at some point and I'm positive it can't be that tough {famous last words}. I tell you what though, there is nowt that makes you feel more like a domestic goddess than having a freshly baked loaf of bread sat on your kitchen table.

Love B x

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