Monday, 16 May 2011

Getting Crafty

As part of a nice afternoon away from exam stress, me and my like minded friend Lyndsay {one of the few people who will do that kind of thing with me!} spent an afternoon crafting away.  I mentioned before that I was going to attempt this and whilst I'm not one for vanity, I don't think I'm going to post a photo of our first attempt. The hexagonal nuts we used were too wide to get the fish bone effect we were after but I still quite like the result. I reckon I just need to hunt out different hardware next time.  Anyway, whilst she was busy decoupaging a hand mirror she found in a charity shop {some people get all the good finds!} I was playing around with the pack of blank cards I bought a while ago.  I got a bit sick of spending what seemed like a relatively large sum of money for some birthday cards in the shops.  I came across a pack of blank cards and envelopes for about what I'd pay for one card so I figured I may as well have a go at making my own.

These were just roughly based on a image that cropped on in a google search, sketched onto paper and then the cards themselves.  I filled in the silhouette with black marker pen before covering with a fine layer of PVA glue coming close to the edges but not quite right to the outside.  I sprinkled over a healthy dose of glitter from a giant tub I bought back at Christmas for a couple of pounds and set aside to dry for a while before shaking off any excess.  Really simple and quick to make and I think they look pretty awesome!

I do lurve a good craft.

Love B x

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