Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 1

I don't have a clue why these have posted in the wrong order. Hey ho!

Like I said, I love a challenge {even if doing absolutely nothing yesterday was lovely!} so here I go with the first of fourteen foodstuffs {seems rather a lot now I think about it, damn alliteration}.  I decided to start with the peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treats I'd first seen here.  I have to admit, I played around with the recipe a bit to fit both with budget and the limited kitchen equipment I have here {a sugar thermometer is on my list - is that lame?}.  Anyway, I bought mostly everything at a poundshop though if you have the time, money and inclination I'm sure you could use much higher quality ingredients {I would if I could!}. Want to see the finished version?

I love 'em! And I swear down they're moreish.  I accidentally ate one when I was finished taking this photo and now I want another, and another...Slippery slope my friends.  Slippery slope.  Aesthetically, they don't look any more fancy that your standard rice krispie treat but it terms of taste it blows the old school version right out the water.

In terms of having a recipe for you, everything was a little adhoc.  I melted a couple tablespoons of butter over a medium heat before adding most of the bag of marshmallows and stirring until completely melted. Once all the marshmallow lumps are gone, remove the pan from the heat and stir in a healthy dose of rice krispies.  Again, a bit adhoc, I just kept adding more until all the mix seemed fairly evenly distributed.  Press this down into a baking tray or dish lined with greaseproof paper {the paper is super important or you're just going end up with the mix setting solid to your dish.  Fail.}.  After that, I melted probably a whole pot of peanut butter together with a few squares of milk chocolate and spread the mix over the marshmallow/krispie goodness.  It gets better.  Melt up the rest of your milk chocolate {I used just under 2 200g bars} and pour THAT over the peanut butter over the marshmallow/krispie goodness.

Salivating yet? I was.

At this point, stick the whole lot in the fridge to chill for a while.  I took it out again briefly to initially chop into squares to make my life a bit easier.  I think it took roughly an hour to chill through.  The wait was so worth it though.

These guys have just the right amount of sweetness tempered with the salt from the peanut butter {it takes the edge off just enough so you can eat twice the amount you planned...} and the recipe really is super simple to follow, even adhoc. I think it took me under 30minutes to make, if it was anywhere near that.  If I make them again I think I'd make a few alterations: I'd probably use more of a higher quality peanut butter - the layer I ended up with wasn't quite thick enough for my liking {I'm a peanut butter fiend} and I'd probably use dark chocolate over milk, again to take the edge off the sweetness a bit more.

I have to say, the first bite I was uncertain of but I found myself craving {and going back for} more. They're definitely calling my name from the fridge.

Have a go - it's definitely worth it.

Love B x

ps.  I don't recommend making these if you plan on being seen in swimwear in the immediate future.  I warned you, they are at the top of a very sliperry slope.  Just saying.

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