Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 5

So I ummed and ahhed about what to do about today's post.  Because I am going to be honest with you: I tried to make hummus.  Not only that, I tried to make uber healthy, oil-free hummus, which I have learned, to my dismay, doesn't really taste as good as normal hummus.  Infact, it has none of the creamy, oily, rich sesamey taste of hummus.  Consequently, in my opinion, it just ain't that nice. This was meant to be 14 days of experimenting however, so in the interests of being totally honest with you I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

I found the original suggested recipe on a forum that gave meal suggestions for dieters following Slimming World {a healthy eating plan that I have seen, and had first hand results from, and that often has delicious meal suggestions}.  This recipe suggested blitzing together a tin of drained chickpeas and some fat free yoghurt along with some lemon, salt and pepper.  I did so diligently.  Tasted it {I was quite excited at the prospect of hummus 'lite'}.  All I can say is that personally, is doesn't exactly rock my world. Infact, I reckon it tasted like paste.  Not ideal.  Of course at this stage I was thoroughly disappointed.  Those of you who have made hummus before {the real, good kind} will know that I omitted tahini paste and oil from this recipe, obviously the source of the dip's power.  To try and compensate, I added approximately a tsp of toasted sesame oil.  This gave it a sesamey kick but still, doesn't taste much like the hummus I know and love.  The photos I've added to this blogpost show it with basil pesto and paprika added and the pesto is definitely heading towards a winner {the paprika makes it too dry, so you would definitely need more yoghurt.  Looks pretty though eh?}.

I have to say, if you were desperate for a 'lite' version of hummus, you could keep blitzing and add a lot more yoghurt {maybe 0% greek} to get the right consistency? The basil pesto definitely helps with the flavour too.  

It's not often I like to hold my hands up and admit things didn't go to plan {especially with food} but hey, look at me growing! I figure in the interests of this experiment, it's ok to share the odd mishap with whoever it is that is reading this {whoever you are, hello!!! I love watching the little numbers climb up in my stats - so very glad you could pop in!}.  Give it a go if you fancy but I'm telling you now, it's no mackerel pate.

Love B x

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