Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 3

Apologies for the poor quality photos in this post, I was somewhat preoccupied with not burning dinner to worry to much about setting up better lighting.

Doesn't look like much eh? Trust me when I say this dinner rocks. Oh, and please ignore the old lady plate {I long for the day when we will no longer live in a furnished flat}. Instead of a snack, today I thought I'd post what is currently the favourite dinner in our house.  It's deviating from my original plan of challenging myself to make something new everyday this fortnight but realistically? Sometimes it's Saturday night and you want something familiar, delicious, quick and simple.  These bbq chicken quesadillas fit the bill perfectly.  I can't remember where I came across the original recipe - it's pretty commonplace - but I do remember being reminded of it when I stumbled across it in a blogpost recently {though I can't for the life of me remember where? If anyone could enlighten me I'd be so grateful!}.  Anyway, the blogger in question referred to it as her go to dinner to make her hubby do all the tasks he'd rather not do. I have to say I haven't tried it out in the same with the boy but considering his reaction to them, and the frequency of his requests for them, I'm pretty sure he'd be putty in my hands.  I'll be sure to use the power for good...

Start by heating your tortilla in a pan until it starts to bubble up a little bit. I'd stick with a medium heat - you have to wait a smidge longer but it's better than burning dinner! Add you cheese, chicken and bbq sauce {I personally marinade the chicken in the bbq sauce at the start rather than adding the sauce to the chicken once it's in the tortilla} and fold the tortilla in half whilst still in the pan.  Press down with the spatula to make sure all the cheesy, chicken-y goodness sticks together.  If, at this point, the top of the tortilla isn't crispy and brown enough then just keep flipping the quesadilla over until you're happy with it.  If you want them extra gooey, stick them in the oven for 15mins or so on a really low temp.

I also read that caramelised onions make a great addition to these but we didn't have any onions in the house {ridiculous eh? Exams completely wrecked my life skills}. I'd serve these up with more bbq sauce for dipping and a crisp green salad.

For the record, even though the rice krispies and oreo truffles might suggest otherwise, I do try and watch what I'm eating. The boy is less fussed and claims to spot 'diet' foods a mile off. I use reduced fat cheese in this and make sure I weigh it before hand so I know what is going into my food, wholewheat tortillas would probably be a better choice {though I admit I used white this time...} and by marinading the chicken beforehand you use less bbq sauce {meaning, if you're using pretty standard supermarket stuff like I was, you'll benefit from less sugar}.  The side salad doesn't hurt either...

For a quick and easy midweek dinner I'd totally recommend this. I used 4 tortillas and 6 chicken thighs to feed the 2 of us but that was good for a heart appetite, you could easily use less.

Love B x

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