Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 2

Well, so much for my lofty ambitions of fourteen consecutive days of food.  Blogger seemed to have a wee hissy fit yesterday and  my Day 1 post disappeared for quite a while.  I tried uploading this post yesterday but it wasn't having any of it.  So, 24 hours late, here we go. Please accept my apologies.

Today's recipe is really simple {even more so that the rice krispie cakes}: smoked mackerel pate.  If you aren't a fan of big fishy flavours, I suggest you probably just skip this, it isn't going to be your cup of tea. 

I used a whole packet of smoked mackerel for this - roughly around 250g - and about half a pot of quark. If you haven't heard of quark, it's  pretty brill.  It's fat free soft cheese and it's pretty neutral flavour wise making it a brilliant base for spreads, dips or for for marinades like tandoori. It's also fat free so if you're watching your waistline it's pretty handy to have in your arsenal.  

Anyway, I blended together the mackerel and the quark with a pinch of salt, pepper and a good squeeze of lemon juice and, Bob's your uncle, you've got a delicious smokey fish pate to spread on toast. Using these quantities, this 'recipe' makes quite a lot, which I could personally just eat all day but if you maybe aren't inclined to do so, it freezes really well.  

I wish I could be more specific with a recipe but there really is no need, just taste taste taste and you can't go wrong! I recommend slathering it on toast but I can't lie to you, I could just eat it with a spoon {oh so classy}.

Love B x

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