Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Do what you love

Yikes.  Sorry for the complete radio silence.  My final exam EVER takes place in under a week so I'm pretty much up to my eyeballs in work and trying to stay focused {pretty difficult when it's so beautiful outside!}.  I have so many ideas to start posting with again and I'm so excited to have more free time on my hands with which to do it.  I'm making a virtual pinky promise to step up my game after May 10th.  

I've been thinking a bit about what I'll do post-graduation: things I'd like to explore, places I'd like to see, the career I'd like to pursue.  And whilst I'm struggling to narrow these lists down {not necessarily a bad thing!} what I am reminding myself time and time again is to make sure whatever it is I'm do, I do it because I love it.  With that in mind, this image seems incredibly apt and is currently serving as my desktop image.  A nice little reminder that all the work that needs to go into this exam will be worth it.

It's available to download here at howjoyful in a variety of beautiful colourways. Like she says, it's what we should be reminded of everyday.

So with that in mind, do you something you love, do it often & I'll be back soon!

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