Thursday, 12 May 2011

Thought of you...

Hmmm...Thank you blogger, looks like this beauty didn't get posted either.  It's a bit less relevant but Google's animation on the 11th was a celebration of the modern dance pioneer Martha Graham. I thought it was beautiful - graceful and elegant - and it reminded me of an animation I had seen a while ago that I initially watched over and over again.  The music is so well picked and I was amazed that the animation moved me in the same way that dance in real life does: testament to the skill of the dancers upon which the film was based and the talent of the animators who created the piece. I've hunted in out again on YouTube to share with you and once again, find myself moved. It's truly beautiful and poignant.

Once again, I've sat and watched it a million times on repeat...

Love B x

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