Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fourteen Days of food: Day 13

I included a little sneak peaks of this Day of Food quite a while back now. We had friends coming round one evening for some drinks and food, and I had hoped to make a batch of 3 different dips. As it happens, I couldn't get any tahini for houmous, so that was out of the question. I had wanted to make a tomato salsa dip too but, to be totally honest, I really like the ones you can buy? I'd love to make my own version of them, if anyone has any good recipe suggestions. It frustrates me that the only 'salsa' I can knock up involves chopped fresh tomatoes, and whilst delicious, it's not really the same for dipping, is it?

Which left me with Guacamole. As simple as this dish is, I've never made it before. Like they say though, there's no time like the present.

I looked up some recipes online but the basis premise was the same throughout so I just played around with quantities. In the end I used:

2 big tsps of Very Lazy Chilli
2 avocados
1 ripe tomato
2 finely sliced spring onions
A generous helping of frozen chopped Coriander
Juice of one lime
Pinch of sea salt

I mashed together a tsp of the chilli {the very lazy stuff made this so easy!}, spring onion, coriander and a tiny pinch of salt into something a bit paste like. After that, I peeled and diced up the avocado, mashing it in with the paste. Not too much though - I like my Guacamole to be a bit chunky {unlike the lurid green stuff you get in a pot at the supermarket}. I diced up the tomato, and stirred it through the mixture with the rest of the spring onions and coriander. I finished it off with a tad more seasoning and the juice of the lime.

It was delicious, I have to admit. One hundred times nicer than the stuff you can buy and, especially with the shortcut ingredients {Coriander & Chilli} it was super simple with minimal prep time.

I made mine about 30 minutes or so before everyone turned up so I stored it in the fridge. One neat trick I did come across on my Googling search yesterday, is that you should press a layer of clingfilm onto the Guacamole before you store it in the fridge. Literally onto the surface. This stops any air getting to it so it will still be a lovely vibrant shade of green by the time you come to eat it.

Hope you liked this! Does anyone have any particular guacamole recipes that differ from this? Or like I said, is it pretty standard?

Love B x

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