Monday, 1 August 2011

Interior Style

I've just been going over my Pinterest images. There's definitely a theme going through my little board for the home. I love homes based around neutral colours, with details that give it interest and pops of colour as well as well curated {and well loved} objects that make it truly look like a home.  Whilst I can admire modern and minimalist design, it couldn't be further from my own aesthetic. I simply can't imagine living in that kind of space. I am far too keen on my knick knacks {and I have far too many shoes and clothes to ever be able to hide in a minimal white space}. I think it's why I love old Edinburgh flats - ours certainly has plenty of period details. I can't wait to get my hands on a space that I can decorate.  Want to see some of the images I have stashed away for future inspiration?

{all via my Pinterest}

What do you think?
Love B x


  1. What a great inspirations.. Love the photos and thank you for sharing :)


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