Monday, 8 August 2011

Today's Outfit (and some shopping)

Today's outfit could not be less post-worthy if it tried: oversized grey knit {H&M - lovely!} and jeans. Practical outfit for a grey day at work.  I did want to blog about these shoes though. From New Look, they cost £15 {reduced from about £25 I think}. I'd put off buying a pair of shoes like this for a while - constantly trying them on then convincing myself I looked like a numpty.  I borrowed a pair from a friend though and instantly fell for them when I wore them outside of New Look's shoe department. They've got a slight give to them so became quite comfy, quite quickly and I love how I'll be able to wear them as a smarter work pair of flats.

This necklace I've mentioned before but I ended up snapping it trying to take a photo of the shoes {skills} and I just love how it catches the light. The grey jumper, the H&M one, though not really post worthy is really worth investigating. It's a fine, oversized knit that comes in a range of colours, and for £15 it's a great piece to have tucked in your wardrobe ready to move into Autumn.

Finally, to make the post a bit more interesting, I popped into Habitat on my way home from work and picked up a couple of lovely bits and pieces. If you haven't already popped into one of their closing down sales, it is well worth it. I bought two of these lovely chandelier tumblers {I thought they'd be sweet for water on our bedside tables or as make shift vases} for £4 and 2 glass candlesticks to add to my already hefty collection.

What do you think?

Love B x

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