Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 14

So to finally wrap up my fourteen days of food {considerably after my original 14 day deadline!} I thought I would go back to doing what I love most - baking. I'm pretty confident when it comes to baking, and willing to have a go at anything, normally with reasonable results {though I did attempt to make Rowies once for my Scottish boyfriend - we don't really talk about that incident...}.  When it comes to this however, I feel like I've met my nemesis.

Want to know what it is?

Banana bread.

Complete and utter fail. Every time. They either don't cook, or they over cook and burn even if I am meticulous about keeping my beady eye on them.  My sister makes an incredible version and I can't lie, I'm a tad envious. I love a challenge though! I laugh in the face of banana bread {and then weep a bit when it fails yet again}.

Now, I must admit, I've started writing this post as it is in the oven so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I used this recipe once before and it worked, though it burned before it had the chance to cook through. This time I've been sure to stick tin foil over the top when it was a lovely golden brown colour and I'm biding my time and trying to be patient and not open the oven too often to test if it's done {though we're just over an hour in and it's still not totally cooked. Patience Bridge, patience.}.

Anyway, I used this recipe here though I substituted 4 bananas for 3.  Maybe it's just me, but I seem to buy giant bananas and I've wondered if some of my overly soggy attempts have been thanks to the seemingly huge quantity of banana in there. It doesn't seem to do any harm to cut one out.

The result? As you can see - it looks pretty good! I am pleased to say I think I may have finally won! Waawaaweewaa! It was delicious. The tinfoil on top did it's job marvellously and the resulting loaf is probably not likely to see out the week. Marvellous.

One further word of advice, I normally use an all in one method with my magimix but decided this time to cream the butter and sugar alone for a pretty long time {5-10mins} before adding the rest as instructed.  I think it helped. Oh, and when you add all the liquidy ingredients, it will look like this, don't panic {it looks gross just to warn you}:

As soon as you start to fold in the flour however, all returns to normal and doesn't seem to do anything to the taste or texture so don't panic!

Do you have a favourite banana bread recipe? I'd love to hear it!

I have to say, I've loved doing these 14 different foods. It's been good to push myself to make things I normally wouldn't. I don't think this will be the last food post at all.

Love B x


  1. wow that looks so delicious


  2. YUM - Banana bread is seriously one of my favorite foods, ever.


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