Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I had gone into town with the intention of starting to source work clothes {I have finally got myself what will hopefully be a lovely job starting in September} and yet here I am surrounded by gorgeous but decidedly casual clothes. Oops!

{L-R: Jeans: Topshop, Stripey Jumper: H&M, Dress: Zara}

These jeans are a lovely rust/blush colour. I had pretty much held back from the coloured jean trend {despite my love of it} and I had only bought a red pair that I thought could see me into Winter/Autumn. I don't really go for bright colour but I knew I wanted a more muted pair that would see me through into the colder months. I was lucky enough to spy these in the sale and they were perfect. Even better {this is going to sound odd} the belt loops at the back had come away leaving tiny holes so with a discount for that added to the original sale price, these beauties only cost me £26! The issue is totally fixable once I get my hands on the right coloured thread and until then, I don't really wear short tops so the belt loops are always covered {I have issues where I'm convinced they make me look really disproportionate - just me?}.

The dress is from TRF in Zara. Always worth a look for a slightly cheaper version of some of the clothes that you find in Zara woman or Basic. I was once told that its a different set of designers working on each lot hence the difference in style, but I always think it's worth a look anyway. Always size up though - they're cut for tiny, pre-teen girls I swear! I loved the bird print though, and the back is slightly cut away. It comes in white but I thought the black was probably more versatile - it can be worn now with sandals {rather it could if it was actually sunny in Scotland} or later in the year with boots, tights and chunky cardigan.

Finally, the striped jumper was £15/£16 from H&M. It's a really fine, light weight knit making it perfect for the upcoming transition into Autumn and considering my love of stripes I couldn't really not buy it.

Love B x

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