Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 12

Right, so this is actually a drink but hear me out.  I've wanted to have a pop at making a 'green monster' for a while.   Having read all about it's amazing-ness {not a word, I know}, and being a complete sucker for stuff like this {aka anything that claims to promise amazing hair, skin, eyes, energy etc in, literally, one glass} I had to give it a go.  

I had a pop at making the original but changed my mind and through in the blueberries I had left from my batch of muffins {these had been frozen so they had to act as my batch of ice too - does anyone really keep a bag of ice in the freezer?} because the original recipe wasn't sweet enough for me to be willing to drink a batch of the stuff. I also left out flax seed because I wasn't even sure what that was and I was pretty certain my local Scotmid was not going to have any.

I have to admit, I'm a bit torn on this one.  I don't hate it by any stretch of the imagination and I certainly plan on making it again {especially if it does keep up it's end of the deal and have all these seemingly magical properties}.  That said, to tell you I couldn't taste the spinach would be to tell a porky pie. It's definitely not spinach-y, which I thought was pretty incredible, but you know you're drinking something other than just the banana and blueberries {though the green colour gives that away a bit too...}. I got my boyfriend to have a, very nervous, sip and when I asked him if he liked it, his somewhat delayed and hesitant response was "well...it's a bit....grassy". Says it all really.  I can't imagine any of the menfolk I know would really be into this one, but like I said, it's reasonably tasty and drinkable and gives you a nice hearty punch of vitamins! Not bad really! Just for the record, the recipe I've linked to made about a pint and a bit, but then I didn't add any ice to bulk it out.

Anyone ever tried one? Got any suggestions to make it a bit less 'grassy'?

Update: having made this several times since I actually wrote this post, the green monster has really grown on me. I use a bit less spinach so it is less 'grassy' and try to use slightly unripened bananas. Maybe it's because I know I'm drinking something that is good for me but I actually kind of enjoy it. Word of advice - don't use defrosted frozen spinach when you run out of fresh stuff. That really does taste like grass and it will make you want to vomit. Not a pleasant start to the morning.

Love B x


  1. I need to try this as I am also a sucker for all this type of thing!!! Thanks for this xxx


  2. I'm always a sucker for trying things like this too! I think I may give that one a try. I had a smoothie with spinach, blueberries, chopped up dates, soy milk, and cacao powder the other day that was really good too (you should give it a try).



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